Cheat Sheets for Every Part of Your Kitchen


Cheat Sheets for Every Part of Your Kitchen

More time is spent on actual preparation of food than actual cooking or eating. How you prepare your food will determine the outcome and its edibility.

These Cheats Sheets are meant as a guide to help you through the various process of prepping, cooking, and storage of food.

So here you go, 22 of the most valuable kitchen cheat sheets on the planet. Enjoy!

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Reference: SodaPicTeam in Food

Honey Mussels Coming June 2012!

Honey Mussels are beautiful and have a distinctive honey colored shell. They taste exceptionally sweet and juicy. If their color is not enough to distinguish these mussels from the others, their sweet and juicy taste will certainly. Farm raised in the waters of British Columbia using the latest culture techniques to yield the finest mussels available. Look for them again in June 2012!