Fresh and Wild from Alaska – It’s Open Season for Wild Alaskan Halibut


Halibut is one of the mildest and most pleasant-tasting fish on the market. It has a nice white and flaky flesh, contains little oil, and never has an overpowering taste or smell. This fish can complement almost any seasoning, and is perfect for seafood fanatics and picky eaters alike. It can be used in just about any recipe that calls for a mild white fish and can be substituted for other types such as Sea Bass and Black Cod. It can handle most cooking methods; baked, broiled, pan sauté, or crusted.

Cheat Sheets for Every Part of Your Kitchen


Cheat Sheets for Every Part of Your Kitchen

More time is spent on actual preparation of food than actual cooking or eating. How you prepare your food will determine the outcome and its edibility.

These Cheats Sheets are meant as a guide to help you through the various process of prepping, cooking, and storage of food.

So here you go, 22 of the most valuable kitchen cheat sheets on the planet. Enjoy!

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Copper River Salmon Season Winds Down

Cooper River Salmon season officially started May 17, 2012, when an Alaska Airlines flight brought in about 20,000 pounds of this prized fish.

What’s the fuss over Copper River Salmon? One taste of this firm red fish, with its rich & nutty flavor and you will understand why food lovers relish the four or so weeks of the year that this fish is available fresh for the year.

With the season coming to a halt rather soon, you may want to take this opportunity to make a trip to your local fishmonger for one last piece of this season’s Cooper River.

If you miss out, there is always next year!