Soft Shell Crab Season

Facts on Soft Shell Crab

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  • Soft Shell Crab season generally starts at the end of April and lasts through September.
  • In the United States the species is referred to as Blue Crab.
  • Blue Crab sheds their outgrown shells and they must be caught quickly as they begin to grow another shells within days.
  • When they are caught they are either frozen or wrapped in paper and sold to fish merchants. It is best to buy the live ones if you can find them at your local Fishmonger.
  • Soft shell crab is easy for the home cook to prepare. Your local Fishmonger will clean them for you. They take only minutes to cook and are traditionally pan sautéed. They can be broiled or grilled too.
  • The most common way to eat them is between two slices of bread. However, they can be added to a salad or used in sushi.
  • Some believe the Legend that Blue Crabs are influenced by the phases of the moon and shed their shells in cycle of the moon