September 9 – National Steak au Poive Day

National Steak au Poive Day

fillet mignon

Food Facts on Steak au Poive

  • Steak au Poivre is a delicious French dish of Filet Mignon, coated with cracked black peppercorns and served with a pan sauce
  • The peppercorns form a crust on the steak when cooked and provide a complementary flavor profile to the rich flavor of the high-quality beef.
  • To make the crust of Steak au Poive you place the meat in a bed of cracked black peppercorns.
  • The steak is seared at a high temperature to cook the outside quickly and form the crust while leaving the interior rare to medium rare.
  • Steak au Poivre is often served with pan sauce made of reduced cognac, heavy cream, and the fond from the bottom of the pan,