June 30 – National Ice Cream Soda Day

National Ice Cream Soda Day

Ice Cream Soda

Food Facts on Ice Cream Soda 

  • An Ice Cream Soda is a beverage that consists of ice cream in either a soft drink or in a mixture of a flavored syrup or carbonated water.
  • Legend has it the ice cream soda was invented by Robert McCay Green in Philadelphia, PA, in 1874; however, there are at least three others who lay claim to discovering the ice cream soda.
  • Ice cream sodas became the hot new thing, especially among teens. Many adults did not like it because soda was a controlled substance.
  •  As soda was marketed as a miracle cure, it was often considered a substance that required oversight and control like alcohol, another controlled substance that could not be served or purchased on Sundays in many conservative areas.
  • Soda fountains then coined the term “Sundaes” for the ice cream concoctions that they served on “soda’s day of rest”.