May 17 – National Cherry Cobbler Day

National Cherry Cobbler Day 

Cherry Cobble

Food Facts on Cherry Cobbler

  • Cherry cobbler is a baked dessert made with a rich seasoned fruit filling and a biscuit dough crust. 
  • Fruit cobblers are baked in a dish with a biscuit-type crust poured or placed on top. 
  • As the cobbler cooks, the juices from the fruit ooze up through the crust resulting in a deliciously browned pastry treat.
  • This deep-dish pie is especially popular during the summer months, when cherries are in season and is made with fresh cherries, although it is also possible to make cherry cobbler from frozen cherries. 
  • No one knows how cobblers got their name, historians believe the name came from the dessert’s resemblance to a cobblestone.