August 31 – National Trail Mix Day

National Trail Mix Day

trail mix

Food Facts on Trail Mix 

  • Trail mix is a high-energy snack.
  • Trail mix usually includes dried fruits, nuts and other energy foods.
  • Trail mix is designed to keep you alert and energized when walking, hiking, and other similar activities.
  • You can buy packages of trail mix at a store. Or, you can make up your own, using the ingredients you like best.
  • Trail Mix Day is all about creating good trail mix and testing it out on the road.

August 29 – National Whiskey Sour Day

National Whiskey Sour Day

whiskey sour

Facts on Whiskey Sours

  • A Typical whiskey sour is made with bourbon, lemon juice and sugar. 
  • The whiskey sour drink was the most popular cocktail in the United States for over a century.
  • A whiskey sour drink is shaken and served straight up usually with a garnish.
  • Blended whiskey can be substituted for bourbon when making whiskey sours.
  • The first time the whiskey sour appears in print was 1862.